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[sticky post] Prompt Post!

As you can tell, I am a bit bored.

Anyhow, I decided to post this for prompts. I will make it so it's at the top of the community when you click there and I want any of you to feel free to add a prompt for any of our fandoms here any time you get an idea you'd like to see written. These prompts will be free to all and will not expire nor can one person lay claim to them exclusively.

The Fandoms:
Babylon 5
Dr. Who
Final Fantasy
Fringe (NEW)
Law and Order (all)
Legend of the Seeker (TV series and The Sword of Truth books)
Magnificent 7
Marvel Comics/Movies
NCIS - all (NEW)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Queer as Folk
Sherlock Holmes - all (NEW)
Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood (NEW)
Star Trek (all)
Stargate (any)

and of course: Tolkien

Here is a form to use:
Do NOT Include:

I can't wait to see what you come up with. If you claim a prompt, please do post a link to your finished fic or better yet, share it with us all here at LJ OEAM and/or on the Yahoo groups.


OEAM Bookswap

Did you get a book?


Cardswap last call

If you want in on the group cardswap, send me your address by noon Sunday (Dec. 3). I will be sending out the list to all of you tomorrow evening. I need your email to send you the list...

My addy is alex _ cat _ 45 at yahoo dot com

Book swap last call

I am sending out book exchange info tomorrow. so if you want in, send me the template info by noon eastern time tomorrow(Dec.3) OR post it to the LJ post here: https://oeam.livejournal.com/342597.html Several of you have said you wanted to do it but have not sent me info.

Here is the template.

Name: LJ/DW/ Screen name
Email address:
Up to five genres:
Send Book/ebook/either:
Receive book/ebook/either:
International: yes/no
Pinch hitter: yes/no
Any special details/requests/squicks:
Link to LJ/DW/Goodreads: To give your sender an idea of what you like

You can send it to me send it to me in an email at alex _ cat _ 45 at yahoo dot com (remove spaces, leave in underscores.)


Important: Card Swap Info

Dear Card Swappers!

I’ve thought about the card swap and this is the way we will do it. A card swap is pretty easy… you basically send cards to folks and get cards from folks. I don’t think our list of participants is terribly long so it shouldn’t pose a hardship to anyone. Cards can be pretty cheap and postage for 20 wouldn’t be much more than a fast food meal with a large drink.

I will act as the clearinghouse.

1. We set a deadline for participants.
2. Everyone sends ME their address and I send a copy of the list to all participants.
3. You send a card to everyone on the list.
4. You get cards from everyone on the list.
5. You make some new friends and get some nice cards to enjoy for the holidays.

So send me your address at alex _ cat _ 45 at yahoo dot com

I think December 5th is a good number. Send me your addies by December 5th and I will email the list to you by December 8th and the rest is up to you.

You don’t have to answer this post. Just email your addy and I’ll get the list made!

Alex (Susan)

PS: If you’d include your screen name in your email, that would be great and when you mail a card, sign your screen name as well as your real one so people know who they are getting mail from.

Bookswap? Cardswap?

Hi all,

A little late for a bookswap but if anyone is interested and we get a few, we can still do one. Just comment here and I'll get back to you.

Also, I love cards and if anyone wants to join in a group card exchange, also post comment here.


OEAM Big Bang news

Hey ya'll!

Are you about done? Have you been putting it off? Do you need more time?

I am not done or hardly started because I am a putter offer and I need much more time.

I am proposing this little fix and addition of time:

OEAM Big Bang
December 1 – 31, 2017 – Artist signups
December 31, 2017 – Writing time ends, sign up for posting day.
January 1, 2017 – Drafts due to mod for distribution to artists
January 15, 2017 – Editing
January 31, 2018 – Beta’d stories due
February 14, 2018 – All work should be done and posting will begin
Questions? Send me a message.

This gives us all more time and a little later posting date. Please check-in with your progress to the OEAM Big Bang comm.



I am desperate for some help. We need a new host for OEAM - not Aplus because we already tried there.

I need someone to move the site for me...I hate to let it die but I have no choice if I can't find somewhere new to put it. Lunarpages is trying to sell us an expensive plan by threatening to shut us down and I fear that will happen soon as we already went through all this one time.

If you can help, let me know ASAP.

OEAM signups extended

If anyone else wants to do the OEAM Big Bang, I will allow signups through the end of the week. http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/52304.html and http://oeam-bigbang.dreamwidth.org/51029.html

OEAM Big Bang Sign ups are open!

Click on image to sign up!

For more info: Go Here

Here is the html to use the banner. Take out the spaces
< a href="http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/52304.html" > < img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v202/alexcat/LOTR%20stuff/banner2.jpg" > < /a >



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